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Functional Medicine based Nutrition


We provide personalized nutrition for your unique needs. The focus is on when, why and how your health issues started. Listening to your story is the best way to understand your health & wellness challenges.

Digestive Health


Keeping the digestive tract functioning at optimum levels impacts the health of all of our systems. Individuals who change their gut health see improvements in inflammation, a major trigger of health issues.

We offer functional tests that will determine what, where and how to provide the best nutrition plan ofr regaining your health and vitality.

Detoxing for Health


Food is information for every cell in your body. We have 10 times as many bacterial cells as our human cells. Keeping them happy and living in balance and harmony together translates to less di-ease for us. 

Removing toxins and stressors, are important to maintain great health 




High School Diploma and Undergraduate degree in Food & Nutrition from India

Master of Science in Nutrition, New york Medical College, department of Health Sciences

Worked at Lever brothers India, developing the first convenience foods

Worked at Hospitals in Massachussetts, and Florida. 

Private Practice 20 plus years, with a Functional Medicine and Integrative approach  

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