Health & Diet is dedicated to providing education and support to our clients to achieve their health goals. There is an interconnectedness that exists between your, mind, body and spirit- the health of all three aspects are needed to achieve optimum health and well-being.

Each visit with our professional functional nutritionist respects this individuality. A personal individualized plan for achieving total health is provided. Following a client at regular intervals, acknowledges the ever changing state of health and adjustments are made to move forward towards a client’s goals.

The goals of nutritional interventions are to provide a personalized food plan to insure the best outcomes. Each individual is the expert on their bodies, listening to you and who you are and where you want to go are very important factors that will get you to achieving the best of health. This is a journey and as the body heals and gets on the path to absence of dis-ease you will have learned to use the tools and information we provide for the rest of your life. Feeling good is every person’s right!

We believe the most effective program is one where eventually our services are no longer needed.