Rukhsana Shanbhag is a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator & a Certified Clinical Nutritionist, licensed in the State of Florida.

Rukhsana received a Master of Science in Nutrition from the New York Medical Collage’s Department of Health Sciences. Her undergraduate work was completed in India. Work experiences include, research assistant with Hindustan Lever, India. Rukhsana worked on product development and assessment, bringing one of the first lines of dehydrated convenience foods to the Indian market.

After graduate work and completion of requirements for Registered Dietitian she has worked as an in-patient, out-patient Dietitian for a community hospital in Massachusetts and as a consultant for a physician’s practice. More recently she was a dietitian for a Diabetes Center in Orlando.

Rukhsana has been a Functional medicine based nutritionist for the past 10 years. The most rewarding aspect of this work has been the enthusiasm of her clients and their dedication to taking control of their health. Empowering clients to strive for total wellness is the cornerstone of Health & Diet.

Rukhsana enjoys exercising, reading, cooking and more recently tending an organic vegetable garden. Individuals come to Health & Diet are both students and teachers!